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We offer a range of services to our private clients which can be either held at our main Leeds office or at a place of your choice dependent on what therapy is required. For more information please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.

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Reiki is a Japanese word meant “Universal Life Energy” the divine life-giving force. As a Reiki practitioner I recognise this energy and use it to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process. It can be used to help a wide range of conditions from physical, mental and emotional distress including the relief of stress and overall helps to balance an individual from within.

I will place my hands on or near your body in a non-intrusive manner and you may feel slight, mild or flowing energy or nothing at all. It can sometimes release emotion and you may feel the want to cry which is totally normal it is just your body allowing your energies to re balance.

We can talk after about the experience and explore more about your emotions if that’s what you want or you can just take some time on your own to process the treatment before leaving. It is always up to you as an individual and what feels right for you.

30 & 60 minute sessions available


I come from a relational approach background which encourages and works on the relationship in the counselling room alongside drawing on the different schools of psychology.

I have worked as a general counsellor since 2010 working with a wide range of issues effecting individuals but spent 3 years working with an organisation specialising in bereavement.

I aim to create a safe, secure and welcoming environment for individuals to explore and work on whatever is it that causes issues or concerns for them and help to empower themselves to find a more focused and balanced self within.

60 minute sessions available


Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation. Once in a relaxed state an individual can become more open to suggestion. I am trained to be able to help individuals reach deep States of relaxation which then allows me to address and treat a wide range of symptoms and behaviour for example  fears, phobias or addictions. It can also be used to help with various pains, stress from specific events and general everyday life, depression and anxiety.

Self hypnosis can also be taught so individuals can continue a more positive thought process and encourage a more balanced within.

Should you have questions about any treatments available please complete the contact form and I will get back to you ASAP. I can also arrange a free telephone call so we can discuss any queries or concerns you may have before you decide to book anything.

60 minute sessions available


A one to one session is a unique opportunity to develop your yoga practice at your pace. You get the undivided attention and also unlimited postural correction.
Your sessions can fit around your schedule to enhance your life. Relaxed and comfortable is the key to the sessions.
Sessions will start from £40 the hour

Well being mornings

These mornings are all about time out for you to connect your mind body and soul through mindfulness, meditation and Reiki. The energy in the room is always so special and amazing. A genuine safe place for self love and personal well being.


This is YOUR time to reset and balance your mental health & well being. Hosted by 3 professionals from our well being network the aim is to Restore your inner peace by feeding your body nutritious food & mind through meditation & positive energies all within a luxury manor in the UK with beautiful grounds to explore.
Consisting of:
• Daily meditation, yoga & exercise
• Fresh meals & snacks made by our registered nutritionist
• Reiki
• Mindfulness
• Guided relaxations
And a goody bag with lots of well-being treats, techniques and receipts for guests to take back home to help maintain their improved well-being.

I attended my first wellbeing session with Ash somewhat sceptically and probably with one arm up may back from some of my colleagues who probably had more of an open mind for these things than me!!   After my first session I found that I really enjoyed it and after a couple more sessions I have found that it is really benefiting me and that I look forward to it each week.
I would recommend that any of my friends and colleagues give it a go with an open mind, it really will help!! 

(Anonymous male)

I really enjoyed my first mindfulness session with Ash, she created a comfortable situation to really allow you to gain the full benefit. The session allowed me to disconnect from everything and push the reset button. We live such busy lives I think these sessions can be helpful to everyone to allow your mind and body gather itself and become refreshed and reconnected, rather than being swamped with needless thoughts. I would recommend everyone try it with an open mind and they might be surprised what they get out of it.

(Anonymous male)

Ashleigh Turner

1 to 1 Therapy

We believe the body and mind have a direct link and therefore balance within an individual is essential for personal health and well-being.
We think it is so important that people are aware that not everything works the same for everyone, therefore being able to discuss their wants and needs in a safe, secure and comfortable environment is another main focus for us.
Offering a variety of one to one services and techniques, we aim to help individuals empower themselves and feel more balanced and at peace within.


Having attended a few of Ashleigh’s mindfulness sessions, It has been fascinating how important making sure as much effort is put in to mental wellbeing as physical wellbeing especially against the challenges and the pace of modern life. I come out of the sessions feeling recharged and rebooted and ready for the remaining of the day.

(Anonymous male)

Ashleigh`s Mindfulness sessions every week are wonderful I attend on Mondays and it really sets me up for the week to deal with the trials and tribulations of the week ahead. I really appreciate  Ashleigh  taking the time out every week to do these sessions. I definitely do feel the benefit of the sessions and it does help to cope better with whatever is thrown at me during the course of the week

(Female client)

Was my first time trying mindfulness and I found it very useful for anxieties that the job brings , I also found it much easier to sleep without any anxieties that night and it certainly opened by eyes to how powerful meditation  can be, I’ve since downloaded the Oak app and have been doing short 3-5 minute sessions at home J

(Anonymous male)

I cannot recommend Ashleigh Turner enough for her hypnosis and relaxation skills.

(Hypnobirth client)

I have finally found a way of relaxing and listening to my body thanks to Reiki sessions with Ashleigh


I had one session regarding my binge drinking and I am cured. It’s the best money I have spent


Very professional service held in a warm and welcoming setting where I felt completely relaxed and at ease with no judgments being made


Reiki at the balanced you has become a necessity for my mental and physical well being. It is time for me where I feel completely relaxed, safe and cleansed of negativity. Everything from the soothing environment to Ashleigh’s calming presence makes the session a positive experience every time.

Reiki Client