Group Therapy and commercial Seminars and Webinars

We recognise that your team represents your business and not only do we want to ensure they are given enough support regarding their personal mental and health and well being, we aim to help establish a more productive and happy workforce for the organisation as a whole.

In a changing world with vastly changing problems businesses are encountering many new issues when it comes to performance at work. We offer a selection of therapy courses that are tailored to your business and staff needs. For more information please feel free to contact us with your enquiry.


Research suggests that over 10 million working days are lost annually through stress-related illnesses. Do you do enough to support the mental health and well-being of all your staff within your organisation? Stress can manifest itself in many physical ways and affect an individual’s mental health and overall well-being leading to poor performance, reduced productivity and absence. We recognise that your team represents your business and not only do we want to ensure they are given enough support regarding their personal mental and health and well-being, we aim to help establish a more productive and happy workforce for the organisation as a whole.


Creating a well-being environment for your staff not only benefits your business by:
1. Relieving stress & tension in the workplace
2. Making your staff feel valued and supported
3. increasing staff morale
4. Increasing productivity & performance
5. Improving mental clarity
6. Enhancing your company profile


Also benefits your individual employees by:
1. Helping to distress and relax them
2. Increases their job satisfaction
3. Improves their concentration
4. Makes them feel valued and appreciated


Training (range of training for staff and managers via webinars/seminars/interactive workshops)
Services include a range of 60 seminars or webinars educating your staff on health & well-being:
1. Managing stress & improving resilience
2. Behaviour change
3. Better sleep
4. Energy levels
5. Healthy eating
6. Physical activity for good health
7. Normalising mental health
8. Back & joint care 9. Weight management

A range of interactive Interactive workshops exploring food & mood: 2 hour workshops with registered nutritionist & experienced integrative therapist including practical involvement & activities
1. Nourish your body & mind
2. Finding Balance
3. Cravings & emotional eating
4. How’s your gut feeling?
5. Energise your body & mind

Wellbeing Days

Well-being Days

Do you do enough to support your team with their mental health & well-being?
When pressure mounts and stress prolongs affecting the working atmosphere we can help encourage a relaxed calm productive workforce with a good team spirit.
Well-being days can be on or off site with the option of food included.
You can expect:
• Mindfulness
• Yoga
• Meditation
• Team building exercises
• Breathing techniques
• Relaxation techniques
• Building communication bridges
Days can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your own organisation to ensure the right balance and content for your staff.

On Site Services:

1. Reiki – helps to de-stress individuals, uplifts & improves energy flow, encourages inner peace and balance, helps to release negative blockages of emotions, helps to alleviate physical aches & pains, improves sleep and concentration

2. Counselling – providing a safe, secure and confidential place for people to explore their thoughts, feelings and worries and demonstrates the support the organisation is providing for them

3. Mindfulness sessions – helps people to cope and manage better with daily stresses

4. Yoga classes and Desk Yoga – helps people to de-stress and relax and improve flexibility. Helps release unwanted tensions and encourages correct body posture

5. Guided relaxations & meditations – help people to de-stress, create inner peace & balance.

Ashleigh Turner

Therapist / Founder

Ashleigh is an experienced integrative therapist and has been practising for 7 years, continuously updating and expanding her knowledge and tools via continuous professional development.
She believes Emotions and mindset are so powerful and easily impacted on individuals mental health yet are not given the attention and acknowledgement they deserve.
She strives to help break down the stigma attached to poor mental health and has a strong interest in stress related illnesses especially within corporate settings and the impact prolonged stress can have have on individuals mental health and well being
With this is mind she expanded the balanced you to offer on site services and training to help break such stigmas and manage individual and team well being to help encourage and maintain more balance for everyone at work and Home.

Ashleigh delivers a weekly 30 minute mindfulness session at Leeds Trinity University and the staff feedback has been fantastic! Ashleigh really puts the group at ease and enables them to clear their minds in the middle of busy days which complements our well being strategy perfectly.


Corporate Mindfullnes, Trinity & All Saints

The webinar was really insightful with some helpful tips for managing stress. Ashleigh is an excellent presenter
Corporate Client

Lloyds Banking Group

An introduction with Ashleigh opened up a whole new era with our freelance staff’ team and in turn helped build the teams creativity. Thanks again Ashleigh.
Jim Walker

Studio Director, JInx Design Co

Ashleigh presented a tailored set of hints and tips on how to manage stress and promote well being in the workplace, which suited the large corporate environment we work in. It was a pleasure working with Ashleigh and a fantastic presentation which was well received by all those that attended.
Corporate Client

Lloyds Banking Group


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