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Whether it be your own personal well-being or your employees’ we are here to help you help yourself or your staff to manage and maintain a healthy, mind, body & soul.



Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation. Once in a relaxed state an individual can become more open to suggestion. Our trained staff are able to help individuals reach deep States of relaxation which then allows them to address and treat a wide range of symptoms and behaviour for example  fears, phobias or addictions.


We aim to create a safe, secure and welcoming environment for individuals to explore and work on whatever is it that causes issues or concerns for them and help to empower themselves to find a more focused and balanced self within.


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy” the divine life-giving force. As reiki practitioners we recognise this energy and use it to stimulate the body’s own natural healing process.


We offer interactive group sessions for companies, already established groups and charities to encourage a healthier body and mind set enabling personal growth and development.

One to One

Offering a range of alternative therapies and one to one coaching, we aim to help you help yourself and find your inner peace and balance for a more fulfilling life experience.

Corporate Bookings

Our corporate customers see the value that our treatments and services make to their teams, including their personal well-being in everyday life and ultimately a more proactive, productive and balanced workforce.

Creating the perfect balance

Finding the perfect balance in life is a continuous struggle and when things out of our control happen, they can create an in-balance throughout our lives. We are here to step in and offer a simpler way to help regain your perfect balance again.

Focused and personalised sessions

Ashleigh had taken the time to really research, focus and personalise the session. She knew more about my phobia than most experienced counsellors I had found previously! I’m still amazed by how much the hypnotherapy worked for me I feel much more confident and happier already.

Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Our Team

A dedicated duo with a range of specialist experience and knowledge to look after all aspects of well being from mental and physical to educating individuals to make their own new choices

Ashleigh Turner

BA (Hons) PG DIP, PG Cert – Integrative therapist, corporate trainer & founder

Pam Vargas

Yoga & Meditation Specialist

Personal Therapy Packages

Find out more about our Personal Therapy Packages and what treatments would suit your circumstance.

Group / Commercial Packages

Whether you are a small medium or large business and regardless of your commercial sector we have many packages available to help improve the wellbeing of your staff.

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